About HotRockPanels

HotRockPanels is an in-floor heating product dedicated to improving the quality of radiant floor heating. Currently, the insulation being used for below slab in-floor heating applications is not being manufactured with durable materials that are able to last and perform over long periods of time. Further, the current in-floor heating industry is lacking an efficient method of installing the insulation panels and tubing. Thus, the HotRockPanel was created. HotRockPanels provide an all-in-one solution for insulating hydronic heated concrete slabs. The panels fit together quickly, hold the PEX tubing in place, and are made with expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is designed to be used below grade unlike other materials currently being used.

By designing a cost and time effective solution to insulate and install hydronic floor heating, HotRockPanels is revolutionizing the radiant floor heating industry as heated concrete slabs continue to gain popularity. HotRockPanels provide an all-in-one R10 insulation value and an effective moisture barrier with an efficient method for installing the PEX tubing. This results in reduced installation times of more than 66% allowing you to complete your below slab heating project quicker than ever! HotRockPanels are the only choice for insulating your radiant heating project when it comes to ensuring the highest quality, long lasting results at the most cost effective price.