With a shift in design and build towards more efficient and mindful construction, it all begins with the selection of the proper insulation. As radiant infloor heating has become a growing component of efficient design, HotRockPanels has been designed to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency provided from this heating method. HotRockPanels provide an R10 thermal barrier as well as moisture protection and the ability to easily map out the PEX tubing in the raised knobs to fully leverage the radiant floor heating in areas of greater need. As the costs of heating rise, radiant floor heating is becoming a more cost effective long-term option for ensuring your school, hospital, or public building is providing the desired comfort in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

HotRockPanels have been used in churches, schools, and public parking garages with confidence and have resulted in the continued success of the radiant heating systems utilized to heat these projects. When it comes to an application in which many people will come in contact with theĀ heated area on a consistent basis, choose HotRockPanels for peace of mind that in 20 years your project will still be as well insulated as it is today.