Step 1 – After raking the stone or gravel level to within 1/2″, simply place the HotRockPanels directly on to the base material starting in the furthest left hand corner. Continue attaching panels until reaching the right wall before cutting to fit and using the excess to begin the next row; again at the left wall.

Step 2 – Next, begin walking in your PEX tubing while following your designs. The PEX does not need to be pressed to the bottom of the panel as the space below the PEX and the insulation allows for concrete to get below the tubing and completely encompass the PEX allowing for maximum heat dispersion.

Step 3 – Pour your desired amount of concrete to complete your heated slab. The u-shaped edges of the panels will stop lateral movement of the insulation during the pour ensuring that you will have a complete insulation barrier below your heated slab to maintain efficiency. A concrete pouring chart is available by request to assist you in achieving a desired level of concrete above the knobs.

Using HotRockPanels to install in-floor heating below your concrete slab is easy and saves up to 66% of time and labour costs associated with traditional methods. The “U” shaped sides on each panel lock together quickly providing lateral stability during the flow and pour of the concrete. This eliminates panel separation while pouring the floor, which ensures the thermal break is maintained. This “U” shape design also ensures all your panel joints seal tightly with the weight of the concrete and prevents moisture from becoming trapped in the insulation.

Walking in the PEX tubing is simple and fast. The unique design keeps the PEX locked in place through the corners without fasteners and slightly raised to allow the concrete to completely surround the tubing. This ensures the heating lines stay evenly distributed and fully engulfed in the concrete to evenly heat the floor. The PEX will be exactly where you placed it before, during, and after the floor sets resulting in the most effective and efficient heat distribution throughout your heated concrete slab.

Do the job right with HotRockPanels; The only insulation specifically designed for radiant in-floor heating and below slab insulating.