With the need to heat multiple detached or open buildings, hydronic radiant heating is your best option to heating your agricultural buildings efficiently and cost effectively. Forced air heaters stir up dust and heat the upper air of the building rather than the floor level while also allowing the heat to escape out of any opening. Radiant floor heating, however, provides warmth where you’re working instead of where you’re not. This saves resources and money while also increasing comfort levels and the conditions for any machinery or livestock that may be kept in the building. Radiant floor heating can not be damaged by the livestock or machinery as the PEX is located below the concrete slab and is thus well protected.

HotRockPanels assist in heating your agricultural projects as they’re manufactured with only the highest quality materials resulting in appropriate compressive strength for your requirements as well as an efficient thermal break to maintain the efficiency of your heated concrete slab. The PEX is also held in place over the lifetime of the building allowing for future concrete work or alterations to be completed with confidence. HotRockPanels have been used in dairy, poultry, equestrian, and storage buildings on many farms that required an efficient heating method and we will be happy to work with you on your next agricultural project that requires a radiant heated slab.