Original HotRockPanels

Our original HotRockPanels provide an all-in-one insulator, moisture barrier, and PEX tubing fastener. Designed to be placed below the concrete slab to evenly insulate the entire floor, the panels ensure an efficient and long lasting thermal break is achieved between the heated concrete floor and the ground below. Without a proper thermal break, your below slab heating will result in warm dirt rather than warm floors.

Designed to be placed directly on top of graded gravel, sand, or dirt, HotRockPanels provide R10 thermal resistance, a thermoformed moisture barrier, and raised knobs to secure PEX tubing – all for less cost than other traditional insulation Original HotRockPanelmethods.

Perfect for agricultural, commercial, ice-melt, industrial, institutional, or residential – HotRockPanels always ensure the highest quality is achieved for your in-floor or radiant heating project.

For your next project requiring a heated concrete floor, choose HotRockPanels – the insulation that saves you time and money while giving you long lasting peace of mind and warm feet.